C3S2 412 Enhanced Operational Services for the Energy Sector

Lot 2: Support to ENTSO-E in the preparation of the Pan-European Climate Database (PECD)

The European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) is responsible for producing resource adequacy scenarios to assess electricity system capability. These scenarios consider factors like high demand, low renewables output, and generation/transmission limitations. ENTSO-E uses the Pan European Climate Database (PECD) for assessments, currently PECD v3 based on ERA-Interim climate data, extended to 2020 with ERA5 data. To enhance climate change representation, PECD v4 will incorporate climate change signals. The C3S Lot 2 Enhanced Energy Service, also known as C3S Energy Lot 2, aims to support ENTSO-E in PECD preparation and service development. It includes delivering tailored climate and energy variables, building aggregation tools, and providing guidance/documentation.

The climate indicators developed for PECD v4 will be derived from ERA5 data for historical records and CMIP6 models for future projections.

Implementation of the service will leverage the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS) infrastructure, with software embedded in the CDS toolbox for easy access.

The consortium comprises three organizations with extensive experience in climate and energy: Inside Climate Service srl (ICS), Technical University of Denmark (DTU), and Association pour la recherche et le développement des méthodes et processus industriels (ARMINES).

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