C3S2 412 Enhanced Operational Services for the Energy Sector

Lot 1: Enhanced Energy Service

The C3S Lot 1 Enhanced Energy Service, also known as C3S Energy Lot 1, aims to significantly enhance global energy service provision by expanding historical climate data, refining reanalysis outputs, and enhancing the resolution of climate and energy indicators. It is designed to build upon the existing European service, integrating advancements incrementally over the contract’s duration. Key objectives include extending historical data back to at least 1950, adjusting reanalysis outputs to align with user needs, and improving the temporal resolution of climate and energy indicators as relevant. The service also prioritizes the production of new climate variables and energy indicators to meet evolving user demands. Energy models may be improved, potentially through the introduction of interactive applications, while specialized toolbox applications will be developed, with a particular emphasis on seasonal forecasts.

Implementation of the service will leverage the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS) infrastructure, with software embedded in the CDS toolbox for easy access.

Continuous user consultation and engagement are integral to the service, facilitated through an extensive user engagement plan to showcase results and collect feedback.

The consortium comprises five organizations with extensive experience in climate and energy: Inside Climate Service srl (ICS), Association pour la recherche et le développement des méthodes et processus industriels (ARMINES), Électricité de France (EDF), ENEL Global Trading, and Everoze.

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